Reports and Plans in 2015 of the Kasparov Chess Foundation Asia-Pacific

Leong-Pichay-Adianto-Khodarkovsky Meeting

The Kasparov Chess Foundation Asia-Pacific (KCFAP) was set up at the end of 2013 in Singapore with Garry Kasparov’s tour of Asia and became fully operational by the end of April 2014 with its focus on catalyzing the adoption of chess in education and promotion of the game of chess in the region.

Our basic modus operandi was to work with national chess federations to start new or grow existing chess in schools programs and working with partners to come up with comprehensive national chess development programs.


Many federations in the region have already benefited, establishing in 2014 to name just a few:

1. KCFAP helped Singapore jump start its talent program;

2. KCFAP was instrumental in establishing a USD 400,000 a multi-year grant for chess in schools in Macau;

3. KCFAP supported the 15th ASEAN+ Age Group Championships as well as International Open Tournaments in KL, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Myanmar;

4. KCFAP provided funding for development programs in Laos, Guam, Fiji and Palau.


In 2015 KCFAP will be broadening its activities in the Asia-Pacific in line with experience and full understanding of the needs and requirements for the growth of national chess federations.

We are looking to assist in three broad ways:

1. Sponsorship designed around partnerships;

2. Increasing our range of activities and providing a technical expertise;

3. Providing media support at national and international competitions.


KCFAP will look to facilitate national and regional chess development as follows:

1. Sponsorship to support chess competitions in the region

1.1. International open competitions

1.2. Regional tournaments

2. Licensing, translation and publishing of manuals, books and other educational materials

3. Training and program services

3.1. Conducting teacher workshops to support chess in education activities

3.2. Assisting in the training of national teams and young talents

3.3. Organizing workshops and seminars for arbiters and organizers to meet international standards

4. KCFAP promotion

4.1. Partnerships with national chess federations and organizers in the region

4.2. Establishing a marketing team and network to ensure availability for a wide range of sponsorship

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